A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. Let’s face it, the idea of IoT is a good one as far as consumers go, knowing what is happening at home or from devices where you don’t have easy access is great. The problem as we know know is that in the rush to get them to market ahead of all the others, corners are not just cut, they are frequently left off to start with. Here we have a new nightmare of rampaging robot vacs and flappy door ovens and dishwashers.

With such potential targets for mayhem, we are certainly going to see more of this:

As a result of all of the above (and more) there will no doubt be some anguish from the victims, and at first glance looks an nice idea to put the pressure on business to do their bit, however the offer of a claim for free money… What could go wrong with that?


The bits that are left…

Weekly Cyber Security News 27/10/2017