A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. Like buses, don’t see one for ages and then suddenly loads turn up. Been like that with interesting news the last few weeks, yes we’ve had some pretty bid blows, but this week so so many to choose from.

My first is a glimpse into the underbelly of security research. The fine line. Fascinating back stories to situations we only hear the highlights (or lowlights) about at the time:

After the dreadful exposure of S3 data, looks like Amazon has added something that might help those that really are either clueless or careless about their data. Let’s see if this is the end of it… Somehow I don’t think so:

Ah, the leaving keys in binaries problem. An oldie but still a simple mistake that could be pretty disastrous as it turns out:


Go on, read the rest over the weekend…

Weekly Cyber Security News 10/11/2017