For well over a decade our focus at ionCube has been on PHP security but recently with the release of ionCube24 we have been looking into different kinds of vulnerabilities. This post has a few of the interesting issues we have found this week.

A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news.



Is the wonder of the IoT truly valid?

An amazing bit of vulnerability analysis!

Can’t believe the lax password security, in a school of all places where you expect the kids to try it

That was unfortunate of them

Staggering that so many faults were not picked up on during commissioning

Such a well used embedded database makes you wonder how wide spread this will be

Scary report on the the threats we are vulnerable to


One we could catch using ionCube24


The issues with these routers never seem to go away

Point of sale systems are a quick way for the crims to score.

Such a popular platform has luckily been patched

Insider attacks are a huge risk many ignore as this shows

This router hit again

Blogged last week about this one. Its going to be a game changer for many and then no excuse for it not to be in place.

Wondered at all the SSH traffic? This is the kind of thing which providers are looking at

User Space

A (small) win against ransomware

Here we are again with yet another round of issues with Flash. Should we not just abandon it and go with HTML5?

A week of large patching

This maybe from the USA but I’ve seen something simliar here in the UK in the past week. Watch out!

A bit of disruption to the world of Minecraft? Here are a few views on this issue.

Such a simple approach to bypass security

A week of large patching


Cant see this going wrong, can you? Nope. Not in any way….

This is quite a nasty one

Will this really work?

Complete bypass! Ouch!


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