In this week’s post we have continued to look at web vulnerabilities and PHP Security, paying close attention to those which ionCube24 could have protected against. Look out for upcoming posts where we look back at all the vulnerabilities we have read about and let you know the most common areas they are found.

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Another interesting experiment – if you don’t like needles you might want to miss this one!

An example for the lengths attackers can go

Sounds scary!

An interesting method of detection



And once again back to router issues…

A possibly useful tool

Routers – at least its not the same faces

This once wonderful product appears to be on a slide downwards


Analyzing the Magento Vulnerability

Didn’t take them long

PHP Security

Many points raised here

User Space

Still weak? Crazy…

What! Totally careless security!

Google issue here

Simple password security fault….. How?

Interesting idea

The 90’s were great…. Back we go to a time of macro viruses! Yay!

Do you feel safe now?

A good reason to ensure wifi and bluetooth are switched off when you don’t need them

Web Server

One for the Linux users


No fix for this, in fact the plugin is going to be discontinued!

A huge vulnerability revealed. Patch, upgrade and keep on top of it!

No fix for this, in fact the plugin is going to be discontinued!


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