A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news.

This week, for a break from the relentless stream of catastrophes in the security world I thought I would go for an all out amazing geekfest. I have a particular love of quantum mechanics and odd physics and this story of China launching a satellite to test out particle entanglement for encryption has me all excited. Of course it could be a very expensive mistake for them, but considering they are at this stage I would suspect they are pretty confident of success. If so, then the technology that follows will have profound consequences for encryption. Exciting stuff!

Heads down from the clouds (see what I did there), and if you haven’t heard an NSA project might have been exposed, Sage Accounting had a serious breach but not as bad as the POS vendors….

In this week’s web security news we look at encryption… in space – 19/08/2016