A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news.

Its been a reasonably quiet week on the security front which I suspect is mainly due to people still digesting the Equation Group leak. In light of that I thought I would ignore the host of accusations and pick out a few articles linked to a common theme: users.

No matter what wonderful security any home or business has in place the weakest link will always be the humans. We like convenience and any hurdles that require us to remember things or do extra work before we can access our cat pictures on Facebook usually ends up being circumvented in some way. I’ve seen some amazing attempts in my career to bypass such security for both ease and malicious reasons, along with some of these articles it brings home that some of our greatest threats are in fact facing us every day even if they don’t think they are. I remember Google coming up with the idea that the security boundary is no longer at the network perimeter, but instead, the LAN should be classed as a hostile area and the perimeter should be at the device boundary. I can understand that. Its more work and planning for sure but worth a consideration even if not fully embraced.

For all the other stuff that has been going on here we go:

The security vs convenience trade-off (Security News 26/08/2016)