A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. No let up from the hackers the past week and so so many things I could talk about such as why are we still using Flash, why are people still falling for macro viruses, but of course, the one that really caused me to look in abject horror is the MongoDB ransom attacks. The horror does not come from the fact that vast amounts of data has been lost but why are they open on the public internet?

I’m not a MongoDB expect, I prefer Elastic (which looks like the next target) and know that if I’m not prompted for any credentials on accessing them, then neither will those that want to hack it. Therefore I would probably want to put something in the way to stop them. Not hard to understand. So why are there so many? I can’t believe its lack of understanding on how to secure a server, many new Linux distros for example default to locking everything down and requiring opening firewall ports up. Perhaps its because these people just don’t care, and I really hope that’s not the case, as that is worse then being clueless.



Once that horror has subsided, here are some more amazing ones to round of a great week. Enjoy!


Weekly Cyber Security News 13/01/2017

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