Update (December 2017): Loader version 10.1 is now available and includes support for running PHP 7.1 encoded files on PHP 7.2.

ionCube Encoder Version 10 is finally here and allows users to encode PHP 7.1 files. ionCube is the only solution which allows existing encoded files to run on future versions of PHP. With Version 10, PHP 7.1 encoded files will be able to run on PHP 7.2 without the need for re-encoding! The only requirement will be to update to a future Loader release which allows for PHP 7.2 compatibility (we’ll post about this when it is available).

Here is an outline of what ionCube Encoder Version 10 has to offer.

Security – Dynamic Keys allow encryption of bytecode *without*
storing a decryption key. This feature is unique to ionCube and offers exceptional
protection for your most valued code.

Compatibility – Encode PHP 7.1 scripts. Run PHP 7.1 scripts on PHP 7.2
with a future Loader release.

Licensing – With the Pro and Cerberus Edition you can restrict
code with a product license of your own and stop unauthorized
redistribution of scripts.

Version 10 is available for purchase at ioncube.com and you can get a free trial here.

We hope you like Version 10 and we would love to hear your feedback and questions via sales@ioncube.com




Be sure to check out ioncube24 as well! ionCube24 is our other major product which is an essential set of tools for website owners. ionCube24 has developed a lot over the past year and now features a range of website service monitoring tools, real-time malware blocking protection, PHP and Javascript error reporting as well as other features which will be released in the future.

ionCube Encoder Version 10 Release