A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. Well, it seems 2018 has really got back into the swing of nasty things occurring. I don’t doubt you noticed the huge amount of spam email this week choking servers around the world. The highest (according the to the CBL stats I saw) for a year. I did have a chat on Twitter with a few about it while it was ongoing and the view was as it appear to mostly be a phishing exercise (no malware payload to increase the size of each mail) the volume was that much greater. The storm did pass and I wonder if that was just a testing phase, especially with recent news of developments in botnets such as:

That email storm was certainly from a distributed source. Was someone playing with a new one? This then poses the question: Where does the estimate below now sit?

A particularly interesting analysis of an industrial control system attack I might have previously mentioned. Again, at this level of attack and obvious target, it doesn’t bare thinking about the consequences:


The rest of the messy news:

Weekly Cyber Security News 19/01/2019