A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. As much as botnets are a serious pain, they are nevertheless fascinating, and a couple of articles perked my interest this week. I wouldn’t say they would rise to full AI awareness considering resources the commonly infected devices have, however acting as a swarm or more perhaps as a hunting pack, the sudden redirection of their focus on finding a prey the effect could be quite nasty. Would a white hat solution against a hunting pack follow a similar natural world idea of decoys? Sure, honey pots do work well, but can only draw fire for so long. Some interesting problems to solve..



Not always is there a need for an elaborate defensive mechanism; just having a password can often help! 😉


Get patching too if you have Jenkins. I’ve seen qutie a few alerts over the past month but these guys were using year old exploits….


And more of the same:

Weekly Cyber Security News 23/02/2018