A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. With so much data floating around on website postings, or given up via sign-ups, its not surprising that site scrapping of information we so readily share without a thought becomes highly valuable in aggregated form. Unfortunately when that leg work surfaces we strangely become all surprised and enraged that this is possible – at least in the general non-tech world. With the looming GDPR, do we think this situation is going to change much? 

There has been instances in the past of photos giving up finger prints, and better camera tech is certainly facilitating that. What’s the point of using such things as face, finger or iris  for biometric authentication when its becoming increasingly easy to extract this information from a photo? Sure, some attempts at detecting that its a real person as opposed to a picture has taken us further but it is still far from being foolproof:

I’m aways curious of the intentions behind repeated scans of any service. This article really was interesting. Pass me more honey pots please!

The rest of the news:

Weekly Cyber Security News 20/04/2018