A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. Big news out this week of a serious chained fault on WordPress. If you are running WooCommerce then you had better dive in and check this article to make sure you are not exposed:

A couple of weeks back I mentioned a curious phase of targeting publishers for some unknown reason. Well, I wonder if they were really aiming for this:

Ahhhhh…. Takes me back….. I remember my first exposure to security threats was back in 1989-90 when Cascade and Vienna viruses were spreading. I was working at a publisher and we thought it would be advantageous to try out the Norton Antivirus thing, just a precaution though, we should be safe, we were on an isolated network….. Oh dear. Riddled. Everywhere. Cleaned up with minimal affected machines thankfully:


The other stuff you can take a look at…

Weekly Cyber Security News 09/11/2018