A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. As this article coincides with the all out sales fest of Black Friday, I thought I would highlight a number of articles along this theme to remind everyone that while shopping online can be fun, it can also contain traps for the unwary…

I’ve already had loads of pre-Black Friday email offers through, but are they real? Most likely yes, but as usual, my practice is never to follow any links in emails. Stay sharp with some of these warnings:

Going directly to the retailer’s website is a good thing, sometimes though you might hit a search engine first to find other similar offers. Be careful if you happen to hit Google Maps. A new possible wider threat might be out there to redirect you to replica sites out to get your cash:

And as usual, I end with an IoT item. A good checklist if you are considering adding to your tech at home:

Happy shopping!


If you’re not off shopping right now, here some other news:

Weekly Cyber Security News 23/11/2018