A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. As many of us ramp up to some kind of party frenzy over coming weeks, this timely article on how the youngsters and trendy ones are perhaps organising parties in a bad way could be worth absorbing. While it goes over my head (as according to my kids I’m a ‘miserable caveman’), hopefully it might help those of you more popular to get it right:

You would think that even though I’m a ‘miserable caveman’ I would care about the demise of Google+. You would be wrong there, i’ve never understood it, and by the looks of it i’m not alone. Mind you, the fact that you have to have it as part of a Google account is a little concerning with yet another API issue:

A bit of a nightmare for a significant website. Having 2FA might have helped so perhaps time for you to review your own?

After last week’s moan about the new WP editor, I’m writing this with the Classic one and I am much happier. Unfortunately there are a few issues so patch away folks!


The rest of the news:

Weekly Cyber Security News 14/12/2018