A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. Should we be surprised that there are weaknesses in a car app that lets you locate and remotely control them? We’ve been here before – too many times before. Again, possibly bad management, specification and design failures all round, and no one seems to learn:

Another failure where design and QA should have took there time to get things right. With high risk project did they even consider and use the right people? Was it a rush to glue all the bits together and hope it works? We may never know:

I admit I’m paranoid about backups and what remains on storage devices. Whenever I’m had to decommission and dispose of kit during a refresh I would normally extract the HDDs and personally wipe with highly rated software for the job before trusting with an external waste management firm to have ago. What about the general consumer? Personal experience shows, like this report, that most think simply deleting does the job. They might strike lucky – that time. But what if someone is out for long hanging fruit?


Other stuff going on:

Weekly Cyber Security News 26/04/2019