A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. Such an amazing choice of juicy news articles this week! I will skip the seriously weird and rapidly escalating circumstances of the Capital One breach, and instead dive into the some of the more low key, but nevertheless interesting items. First up, and for those of you who post infosec articles, something you will understand: stock photos. Yeah, those annoying hackers in a hoodie photos, and in some cases I’ve seen of BEC; hackers in a suit and a balaclava. They are pretty tedious aren’t they? Someone wants to tackle it at last:

You have to admit that the good hackers have amazing skill. Would be nice to refocus that skill to something non-criminal:

Personal data once ‘out there’, tends to linger for a long time; if not forever. Same goes for viruses. There will always be a vulnerable machine out there can harbour an infection and lay in wait for an opportune moment:


The merry-go-round:

Weekly Cyber Security News 02/08/2019