A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. A great example of (half) forgotten linked app this week via, quite unforgettably, from the Twitter CEO. I’m sure we all have linked services together as authentication of to bridge a data conduit just to do a trial or something and neglected to remove it afterwards. Well…. That lapse could come back to bite in the future. Regular reviews, which are quite honestly easily forgotten should be the norm. What about if the services put out a reminder that you have such connections that have been unused for a while?

Many of us have been sold on the idea that chip-and-pin is the way forward from card fraud however…

It was inevitable that that deep-fakes would eventually be used in fraud. This one is perhaps the first of many. Stay alert!


The rest of the news:

Weekly Cyber Security News 06/09/2019