A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. A serious breach from a popular game was announced earlier in the week. Considering the prevalence of linking many such games with Facebook and other social media platforms, such an exposure gives a great ‘way in’. If you’ve not done it already, go check what access you’ve granted to your data:

Uh oh…. With so few handsets being in a position to receive updates, I think this is going to have a significant hit against the ecosystem for a long time ahead:

While major businesses do take a substantial amount of damage, they do stand a chance in surviving, but it’s unfortunately the smaller one that ultimately pay the price. One popped up this week in the feed announcing that they failed to recover from an attack, and although details are of course lacking on what actually went on, with Ransomware just a simple trick email can easily trigger the destruction process. Businesses looking at the risk and impact of recovering from a physical disaster, say a fire, treating the risk of a cyberattack and it’s effects should certainly be considering attacks in the same, if not higher probability now, and not as some kind of “won’t happen to me” scenario. If we don’t how many more will end up like this?


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Weekly Cyber Security News 04/10/2019