A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. Leaky bucket time once again. With so much effort by the providers to make it as hard as possible to accidentally expose data, then for the devs to try really hard to undo all of that because they are too lazy (or lack understanding) to do a proper job, is utterly mystifying. Please, please try and make the effort:

It also doesn’t help when there is a lax attitude to data handling in some sectors:

OK, I have to admit that recently, while away on holiday I had plugged my phone into a wall USB recharge point in our holiday property because the family have pinched all the cables. The moment I done that I realised in horror my error. We do tend to let our guard down when on holiday, and I could have waited, or I could have used the charging brick in my bag. I’m sure I was lucky that time. What about next time?


The rest of the news:


Weekly Cyber Security News 22/11/2019