A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. I certainly have some ‘wow’ items for you this week. The first just does not bear thinking about as to the potential impact this breach could have – it really is an horrorfic ‘wow’:

We know that BEC fraud schemes hope to take pot luck at a busy employee’s lapse of proceedure, but when they really have you in their eyes, the grip can be just ‘wow’:

When I saw the headline I immediately checked my monitoring systems to see if one of ours was affected. Luckily for us, no, unluckily for others no so. News articles pop up telling us regularly of ransomware incidences taking out an entity’s means to operate, and its bad enough if they can’t serve their customers or pay wages, however when it directly affects their customer’s own businesses or properties then that leaves a bad ‘wow’ feeling:


The rest of the ‘wow’ ones follow:

Weekly Cyber Security News 06/12/2019