A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. For a daily selection see our twitter feed at #ionCube24. I have a great weird and wonderful selection for you this week. OK, I could have just opted for the usual major breaches and boy, don’t we have a few of those? No, instead some really odd geeky and perhaps quite pointless ones caught my attention. First is a look at air craft hacking. A really scary one and in a ‘Die Hard 2’ like situation some pilots are put to the test:

Of the most pointless of the bunch the award goes to this gem. Someone really must have had too much time on their hands:

My favourite though is another of those deep dives into the hardware. Maybe, just maybe we might hear from this one again in some spy class:


The breaches and other stuff you like this week….


Weekly Cyber Security News 06/03/2020