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A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. For a daily selection see our twitter feed at #ionCube24. Quite a serious data breach which could have repercussions, perhaps not as bad as if it happened in other countries where gun crime is more prevalent, nevertheless it is still a concern:

With cloud services making a significant proportion of most businesses real estate, this report is alarming in how a large number feel at risk. Interesting that many blame the provider’s tool set and/or features rather than perhaps either take more caution or find another provider which better fits their requirements. As usual, from my engineering background, find the tool for the job rather than one that has a the bells and whistles and require extensive setup first. But there you go….

Oh dear…. A bit of a blow for Signal users wanting to ensure confidentiality. Glad they fixed it in the end though:

Weekly Cyber Security News 30/07/2021