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A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. For a daily selection see our twitter feed at #ionCube24. Quite an interesting bunch this week. You know when you cover the pad with your hand to hide your pin at ATM? Well that might not be enough soon – given time I’m sure they will get better at guessing:

When all of us of a certain age remember Y2K and thought the upcoming apocalypse of the UNIX timestamp reset has been averted we might have missed this self inflicted one:

Having used Prometheus before and finding that the exposed data could be freely available I eventually found a wonderful tool which helps. You might have heard about it, I think it’s called a firewall. Is that it? You can restrict access to specific source IP addresses. Seems some forgotten the basics. Again. <sigh>


Weekly Cyber Security News 22/10/2021