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ionCube Encoder 12 has finally been released and supports PHP 8.1 syntax encoding!

ionCube now has full support for PHP 8.1 so that you can secure your code to run with the latest version of PHP. ionCube Encoder has some pretty robust features when it comes to PHP code protection and adapting those features to new major versions of PHP can take quite some time to develop! So now that version 12 is here we thought this article would be a good place to include some links to our more powerful feature tutorials which allow you to get the best out of ionCube.

Dynamic and External Keys have been available to use since version 9 of ionCube Encoder and Dynamic Keys in particular offer a very robust method for protecting your code. You can read about how those features work in this article.

If you want to jump straight into a tutorial then take a look at the links below.

ionCube Encoder: External Keys Tutorial – This article shows you how to setup an image based external key which is the easiest to setup.

ionCube Encoder: Dynamic Keys Tutorial – This article goes into detail on how to setup Dynamic Keys with an example of a simple static key and an application state based key (recommended). Dynamic Keys are only available in ionCube and offer the best protection available when securing PHP code.


We appreciate your patience and your feedback along the way while we worked on the new version of ionCube. If you have any questions for us then please reach out via

ionCube Encoder 12 is available for purchase now at

NEW ionCube Encoder 12 Release with PHP 8.1 support