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29th August Update:

We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we finalised the last steps of this release and are pleased to announce that ionCube Encoder 13 is now available. You can upgrade existing version 11/12 licenses to version 13 or purchase new directly at

ionCube Encoder 13 supports PHP 8.2 encoding where it is possibly to run encoded files on PHP 8.2 with the latest v13.0.1 Loader or later.



It’s finally time to share some exciting news as ionCube Encoder 13 is due for release later this month! We know that PHP 8.2 has been anticipated for some time now and we’re pleased to let you know that it is on the way in version 13 of ionCube. From August 1st we’ll be issuing select customers with a beta product for some final feedback to ensure that the launch goes smoothly. After that we’ll move on pushing the final website updates live and we will continue to update this article at each stage when more information is available.


1st August 2023 – Announcing ionCube Encoder 13 with PHP 8.2 support

1st-4th August – Beta selection and issuing process.

25th August – Loader roll-out process underway.

1st September – ionCube Online Encoder with PHP 8.2 support

29th August – Full product release for ionCube Encoder 13


We are extremely grateful for your support as you continue to help drive development of ionCube which has now lasted over 20 years! Your feedback is truly invaluable and we would love to hear from you if you have ideas for future updates! – Please send us an email via if you have any suggestions.

We will be updating this article regularly so be sure to check back as we post updates on the release of ionCube Encoder 13.

NEW Release – ionCube Encoder 13 with PHP 8.2 support