EPIK (Encouraging programming in Kent) is a Kent based child centric network,  which has affiliations with Mozilla

EPIK are reaching out to all space’s in the EU as part of a joint project with Mozilla Webmaker.

We are specifically looking for all the EU hackspaces that welcome children into their spaces or if not, would consider doing so with support.

The aim is to collectively put together open source learning matterial for youths to #teachtheweb and #webmaker @epikprojectuk which you would be able to use for your own youths if you wanted to invite them in.

We would like to recruit you and anyone you think would be interested to the cause of getting kids coding. We don’t mind how they get to code, just that they do!; MineCraft – a flavour of JAVA works really well for our EPIK kids, what do you think would work best with you?

You can register your interest at:


Alternatively just email me the details and Ill add you to the open source list of youth friendly hack/maker or co-working spaces.

Please feel free share this email and my contact details with others.


Dorine Flies
02080993608 (Kent)

EPIK – Looking for EU co-working space