ionCube24 is in a state of continual development as we work to improve it as a malware blocking service. It is useful service for website owners, including WordPress in particular where such sites are under constant attack due to the risk of vulnerabilities. Wordfence, a popular WordPress security plugin, published a blog this week detailing their investigation into WordPress based attacks.

“During a recent investigation of a very large infection we found a trove of attack tools that all pointed back to a single “meta” script. This script was only two lines long but provided an attacker with a powerful capability.” – An Attack Platform Infecting WordPress Sites

The blog also mentioned how ‘as a website owner your first priority should be to prevent the attacker from gaining entry to your site’ and that’s where ionCube24 comes in. With ionCube24 enabled you can block changes made to your website. For example an attacker might upload an attack script which is the first step in gaining access but when they try to run it ionCube24 will spot the change and block the attack.

Take a look at ionCube24 and add it to your arsenal of protection, along with Wordfence, for your WordPress website.

Increase security of WordPress with ionCube24