UPDATE 23/09/2016: Our PHP 7 Loaders are no longer in beta and you can grab the full versions by clicking here.


The new ionCube V6 Loader beta is now available and offers support for scripts on PHP 7 servers. The new beta also makes ionCube the first to offer such support for the highly popular PHP 7 release. Support is currently limited to Linux but this will expand to more platforms over time. The version 9 Encoder is able to produce compatible scripts for PHP 7 servers using the PHP 5.6 Encoder. ionCube24 is not currently supported during the Beta.

Current Beta PHP 7 ionCube Loader Requirements:

Platform: Linux 32bit and 64bit non-thread-safe for PHP 7
Encoder: Version 9
Encoding Language: PHP 5.6
ionCube 24: Not supported in Beta

*Additional platform support will be available in future updates.

PHP 7 Beta 8 Loaders Released 28/7/16

32 bit:

64 bit:

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Beta PHP 7 ionCube Loaders now available – updated 23/09/16