A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news.

Again this week I’m going to side-step the usual trove of breaches that seem common place, and yes, including the massive Yahoo one. Instead lets look at the perils of not understanding where the boundaries are that need protecting. The obvious one is wifi, and often we moan that the signal drops in the next room, however, it can also leak. It can also leak some distance away given the right conditions which can also reveal way too much information even if you are not authenticated. A few articles below show some recent examples of this.

The article that caught my attention the most is the last one. Although I don’t use voice activated services, it did lead me to ponder this as yet another ‘leaking’ of sorts outside the expected boundary and could pose many risks beyond the unlocking of doors.



And with the rest of the breaches and some critical patches we have list merry lot:


Weekly Cyber Security News 23/09/2016

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