A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news.

In what could be a horrifying new development on potential IoT disaster, Amazon want to team up with an IoT smart lock company to allow delivery people entry to property if no one is home.

Amazon who do a reasonable job on security for their services and products, I hope are going to do more than just let these IoT companies do ‘their thing’ which going by past security alerts is not altogether a great track record. For many I would expect this unexpected entry will appear too much, for others who perhaps live alone and have no problem of random people entering their home it will be a blessing. Let’s see how this new encroachment of IoT goes down between the balance of convenience vs the risk of compromise.

And the other news follows….

A bonus piece of news today was this story that made us laugh in the office. Would you have spent 11 hours of your time just to make a cup of tea? Not so sure.

Weekly Cyber Security News 14/10/2016

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