A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. Following on from my comments last week on the low level attacks and the high risk we face with either fraud or any form of privacy invasion, an article here reminds me of a conversation I had over the weekend. I was out with friends for a pleasant evening and conversation rounded on what I do for a living. Usually anything tech related ends up leaving everyone glazed over, however when I bring up the security related topics everyone becomes fascinated by the horror in which its so easy to be caught out. The worst of it is usually due to the vast about of internet history we leave behind, and that search engines do an amazing job at find things we thought we had left behind. I bought up one particular recent event where I was researching some specific item of jewellery for a friend and found comments they made about it a decade ago much to their embarrassment which I won’t go into!

Much information we leave scattered around can, for those that really have it in for us, be easily pieced together and used for whatever means.

And the rest of it…

Weekly Cyber Security News 27/01/2017