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Blockchain is trendy, has been for a while, and to be honest its not something I’ve had time to look at myself. All I tend to hear about are companies trying to find uses for that and/or machine learning, and the often shouted response of others saying its a solution looking for a problem outside it’s original sphere. That might be right, it might be wrong, I’m not qualified to say one way or the other. An amazing Twitter thread came up this week of the pros and cons were fully fought. It makes for an interesting read:

Further cryptocurrency news, and a breach notification has people nervous:

Whenever a known threat takes a new infection route it usually brings questions of how it can affect our own systems. Like many sysadmins around the world, I’ve had to implement guest wi-fi networks away from the company’s intranet, and then fight against requests to bridge that network because a visitor needs to do something. Well, the risk is that something like this could happen:


More fun news….

Weekly Cyber Security News 14/02/2020